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Recipients of Athlete, Coach and Officials Award Program

2019-2020 Award Recipients 

Coach Nominated Awards

Herman Maricich Award for Achievement

  • Jaysa Bozzuto


Daisy Langley Award for Achievement

  • Ashlyn Brown

  • Georgia Achilles

  • Kiki Pate


Judianne Fuller Award for Sportsmanship

  • Daphne Achilles


Lolly Jensen Award for Sportsmanship

  • Clara Gvozdas

  • Hannah McEntee


Volunteerism Awards

Imogen Harris Award for Volunteerism (Skater)

  • Simone Tumolo


Becca Hemingway Award for Volunteerism (Parent)

  • Sadie Kyle


National Competition Awards

  • Ashlyn Brown - Excel Finals

  • Georgia Achilles - National Solo Dance

  • Jaysa Bozzuto - National Solo Dance

  • Kenley Bozzuto - National Solo Dance


Graduating Seniors

  • Murphy Kendall

Education and Training Awards for Skaters, Coaches and Officials

  • Daphne Achilles -- ProSkaters Seminar and Competition


A total of $3,495 was presented to Award Recipients for the 2019-2020 season..

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