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Here you will find links to a variety of U.S. Figure Skating and Sun Valley FSC resources. Take the time to look through each and familiarize yourself with them! Any specific questions can be directed to or

Freestyle Etiquette

When skaters progress past Learn to Skate level Basic 5, they may begin to skate on freestyle sessions. Freestyles are practice sessions reserved for figure skaters practicing their skills/programs. It is important to know how freestyle works prior to skating these sessions. A general rule of thumb for right-of-way is as follows:

1. Skaters running their program.

2. Skaters in lessons.

3. Everyone else. 

Below is a map detailing the traffic flow on a freestyle session. Skaters should always try to remain moving. Please talk with your coach before getting on a freestyle and make sure they teach you the general etiquette to ensure everyone has a safe, productive, and fun experience. Happy skating!

SR_Rink_Map_for_Freestyles (1).jpg
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