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Athlete Achievement Awards

National Competition Award

Athletes who qualified and competed at one of the competitions below between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022, may request an award of $175+:

  • Excel​ National Festival Finals

  • National Solo Dance Finals

  • National Showcase Finals

  • Regionals, Sectionals, or Nationals (Championship Series)

  • Adult Nationals

Click HERE to see the Eligibility Criteria and Award Amounts

Click HERE to complete an Award Request

Gold Level Test Passed

Athletes who passed their 1st Gold Level US Figure Skating Test will receive a US Figure Skating Gold Medalist jacket from the Club. Athletes who pass subsequent Gold Tests are eligible to receive additional embroidery on their jacket. Click HERE to request a jacket or embroidery.

High School Graduates

Home club members graduating from high school and attending college will receive a 4 year collegiate membership to US Figure Skating from our club.

Note that awards granted and amounts distributed may vary from year to year.

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