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2022 US Figure Skating Championship Series presented by Toyota

Novice Men

Max Anderson - 7th place (Henderson, NV), 10th place (Spokane, WA) 

Final Ranking: 10th place (Pacific Section)

Juvenile Girls

Ashlyn Brown - 12th Place (Henderson, NV), 11th Place (Spokane, WA)

Final Ranking: 42nd place (Pacific Section)

Kelly Kyle - 16th place (Spokane, WA)

Final Ranking: 50th place (Pacific Section)

US Figure Skating National Solo Dance Finals 2021

Kalamazoo, MI


Junior Combined Event

Jaysa Bozutto - 9th Place

Intermediate Combined Event

Georgia Achilles - 6th place

Pre-Silver Pattern Dance

Georgia Achilles - Pewter Medal

Gold/International Shadow Dance 

Jaysa Bozzuto (w/ Carlie Quesada, All Year FSC) - Silver Medal

2021 US Figure Skating National Excel Final

Strongsville, OH


Novice Ladies Excel 

Maddalena Mourier-Floyd - 13th place

Intermediate Plus Ladies Excel

Hannah McEntee - 17th place

Juvenile Plus Girls Excel

Kelly Kyle - 7th place

2019 US Figure Skating National Solo Dance Final

Provo, UT


Intermediate Combined Event

Jaysa Bozutto - Gold Medal

Juvenile Combined Event

Anabel Viesturs - Silver Medal

Georgia Achilles - 14th place

Bronze Pattern Dance

Georgia Achilles - 11th place

Pre-Gold Shadow Dance

Jaysa Bozutto (w/ Carlie Quesada, All Year FSC) - Gold Medal

Pre-Silver Shadow Dance

Anabel Viesturs and Jaysa Bozutto - Pewter Medal

Pre-Bronze Shadow Dance

Georgia Achilles and Kenley Bozutto - Bronze Medal

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