Athlete, Coach and Officials Support Program

We are pleased to announce the Award Recipients for the 2019-2020 skating season!

Coach Nominated Awards

Herman Maricich Award for Achievement

  • Jaysa Bozzuto


Daisy Langley Award for Achievement

  • Ashlyn Brown

  • Georgia Achilles

  • Kiki Pate


Judianne Fuller Award for Sportsmanship

  • Daphne Achilles


Lolly Jensen Award for Sportsmanship

  • Clara Gvozdas

  • Hannah McEntee


Volunteerism Awards

Imogen Harris Award for Volunteerism (Skater)

  • Simone Tumolo


Becca Hemingway Award for Volunteerism (Parent)

  • Sadie Kyle


National Competition Awards

  • Ashlyn Brown - Excel Finals

  • Georgia Achilles - National Solo Dance

  • Jaysa Bozzuto - National Solo Dance

  • Kenley Bozzuto - National Solo Dance


Graduating Seniors

  • Murphy Kendall

Education and Training Awards for Skaters, Coaches and Officials

  • Daphne Achilles -- ProSkaters Seminar and Competition


A total of $3,495 was presented to Award Recipients for the 2019-2020 season..

The purpose of the program is to facilitate the very best in our club members and to support their love of skating whether it is through competing, testing, performing, coaching or volunteering. Our goal is to:

  • Inspire the pursuit of training and competing in all levels and disciplines;

  • Recognize excellence, integrity, respect and resilience; and

  • Promote community and volunteerism.

Our program is composed of four award categories which are listed below. Applications and nominations will open in June 2021 for recognition for the 2020-2021 Season.

Athlete Achievement Awards

  • Skaters who qualified and competed at a National Final are eligible for $175+ awards

    • Excel​ National Festival Finals

    • National Solo Dance Finals

    • National Showcase Finals

    • Regionals/Sectionals/Nationals

    • Adult Nationals

  • Skaters who passed a Gold Level US Figure Skating Test are eligible for a US Figure Skating Gold Medalist jacket and embroidery

  • Skaters graduating from High School and attending college are awarded collegiate memberships

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Coach Nominated Athlete Awards

  • Herman Maricich Award for Outstanding Achievement

  • Daisy Langley Award for Outstanding Achievement

  • Judianne Fotheringill Fuller Award for Outstanding Sportsmanship

  • Lolly Jensen Award for Outstanding Sportsmanship

Skaters selected from nominations receive awards of $175.

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Education and Training Awards

Skaters, Coaches and Officials who are full home club members or full professional members can apply for education or training funds that occurred during the membership year.  Four awards of $175 will be available this year.

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Volunteerism Awards

To honor contributions to our skating community, the following awards are presented to a club skater and a club parent. Awards of $175.

  • Imogen Harris Award for Volunteerism

  • Becca Hemingway Award for Volunteerism

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Note that awards granted and amounts distributed may vary from year to year, and there is maximum amount a club member may receive in awards each membership year.

Thank you to our Grant Committee for their time, expertise and thoughtful insight in developing this program!

If you would like to donate to our Athlete, Coach and Officials Support Program, contributions can be made online HERE or mailed to Sun Valley FSC, PO Box 351, Sun Valley, ID 83353. Sun Valley FSC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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